RC11 Middle Capacity
Empty Cosmetic Jar
for Facial Cream

30ml 1oz PP Material Double Wall Cream Jar Hair Mask Facial Mask
Standard Capacity 30ml/50ml/100ml/120ml/150ml
O.F.C.(Overflow Capacity) 33.5ml/55.8ml/103.8ml/129ml/153ml
Material Detail All PP Plastic
Appearance Features Matte or Glossy Double Wall
Molding Method Injection Molding

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Introducing the RC-11 series of cosmetic jars, the perfect container for your skincare, haircare, and beauty products. With a sleek and modern double-walled design, these jars are available in 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 120ml, and 150ml capacities to meet your filling needs.

•  Constructed from durable and lightweight polypropylene plastic, the RC-11 jars feature a smooth frosted exterior that adds an elegant touch or a glossy finish that lets your product shine through. The flat sides and straight walls provide a contemporary look without the usual rounded shape of traditional jars.

•  Made using injection molding for consistency and affordability, these versatile jars can hold creams, lotions, sleeping masks, body milks, scrubs, hair treatments, and more. The PP plastic is ideal for viscous formulas as well as solid items like eye masks, teeth whitening strips, and powder products.

•  To top it off, each RC-11 jar comes with a polypropylene disc lid that provides security and ensures your contents stay fresh. The lid features a handled design for easy opening.

•  With their sleek silhouette, generous capacity options, and quality construction, the RC-11 series offers exceptional form and function. Give your beauty and skincare products a stylish new home with these modern double-walled jars.

If you need customized products, such as changing bottle colors or printing your exclusive logo, please continue scrolling down. We offer diverse, professional customization services for your reference.


◉ Standard Accessories

CREAM JAR 811 30ml exploded view
Model NO. Outer Diameter




RC11-30 54/2.13 40/1.57 Liner
RC11-50 64/2.52 42/1.65 Liner
RC11-100 75/2.95 51/2.01 Liner
RC11-120 75/2.95 56/2.20 Liner
RC11-150 76/2.99 63/2.48 Liner

◉ Options Accessories


We make your products a strong communication tool by helping you to print your logo with proper methods.

Printing Methods

• Pad printing, screen printing and hot foil stamping on the surfaces of body and the cap top.
• Bottle coating by gradient spray painting or vacuum metallization.


Color Curstom-made

• For the color of the container, you can customise the color you want from the international Pantone Color System.
• Free design and fast sampling are available.

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