About Us



Founded in 2010, Rong Packaging is an industry leader in plastic packaging solutions. For over a decade, we have provided top-quality products and services to cosmetic brands, manufacturers, and multinational corporations. Our experience and expertise equip us to meet the diverse needs of companies worldwide.

In 2020, we established Rong Packaging as an independent company focused solely on plastic packaging innovation. Our goal is to empower businesses with custom solutions that accelerate growth and elevate brand image. We offer an array of services, including product design, optimization, quick customization, and more. Each solution is tailored to our clients’ unique requirements and developed by our talented team of designers and engineers.



Rong Packaging operates out of Ningbo, China - the nation’s largest hub for plastic raw materials and industry information. This strategic location allows us to stay on top of the latest market trends and rapidly obtain the materials needed to iterate products. We also benefit from Ningbo’s coastal position and advanced shipping infrastructure, which facilitates smooth delivery to customers across China and overseas.


Above all, we value originality, self-improvement, and exceeding expectations. Our preference is to listen first and propose creative solutions that surpass the industry standard. We aim to build long-standing relationships by making every client interaction exceptional. Please contact us to explore how our products can propel your business forward.

At Rong Packaging, we thrive on challenge and innovation. Complacency is never an option when client success is at stake. Our passion is to imagine what’s next and develop forward-thinking solutions. Though the packaging industry is constantly evolving, our commitment to excellence remains unchanged. We will continue pushing boundaries and refining our capabilities to deliver for our partners.

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The Rong team prioritizes open communication and customized service. Collaboration is key; you know your business, and we know packaging. By working closely together, we can achieve things previously unimagined. We invite you to engage with us early and often to craft a strategy that capitalizes on new opportunities. Let us show you what we can accomplish when ambitious minds connect.