RONG Packaging's standard products save clients initial investment costs and development time while providing packaging solutions tailored to their needs. We meet diverse demands with high-quality materials, actively adopting eco-friendly plastics like PP and PETG for refill and replacement packages. Any component from bottles to caps can leverage green materials and techniques.
RONG offers pump airless bottle, Cosmetic Jar Containers, jugs, and Cosmetic Empty Bottles in various shapes and sizes to package lotions, liquids, creams, gels from 0.1oz to 30oz. Our innovative solutions serve the cosmetics industry, which requires stringent quality and regulations.
RONG provides diverse secondary processing like screen printing, hot stamping, shrink sleeves, coating, and electroplating. Please share your expectations for effects like frosted, gradient, gold, or silver finishes. We collaborate with partners to deliver multiple crafting methods for your ideal aesthetic.
Our technical expertise and attention to detail ensure your brand vision comes to life in sustainable, custom packaging that delights consumers. Contact us to explore how our holistic approach can accelerate your business growth through enhanced brand image and eco-friendly products.

Standard Products