Cream Jars

Cream jars are a staple in many households and are used for a variety of purposes. From storing cream for coffee or tea to holding face and body creams, these wholesale cream jars are a convenient and practical choice for keeping a variety of products fresh and easily accessible.
What are the types of cream jars? Several types of lotion jars are commonly used for storing and packaging various creams, lotions, and other products to choose from. One common type is the jar plastic container, such as the cosmetic acrylic jar, which is lightweight and economical and can be made from various materials, such as polyethylene or polypropylene. Some cosmetic cream containers have airtight seals or pumps to help preserve the product and prevent contamination. These empty cream jars are lightweight, durable, and offer excellent protection for the contents inside.
What are cream jars' sizes and features? There are a variety of sizes of ointment jars available, each with its own specific application. The smallest size is around 1-2 ounces and is often used as Travel Cosmetic Jars, face cream jars, or other personal care products. Larger sizes, ranging from 4-8 ounces, are more commonly found in homes and used for daily skincare routines. The largest size of cream jars, typically over 30 ounces, is often used for professional or bulk use in spas or salons.